Stop GameMode from spawning a DefaultPawnClass and just use the pawn/character that's already placed in scene

Hello Unreal Gods, I need your help with something again…

During editor mode, I placed a Character into the scene.
But when I press play, the game spawns a new Character into the scene.
How do I make the game reference the Character that already exist and not spawn a new one? (Just like in the TopDown default project template)

Thank you so much!


Replace the one in the scene with a Player Start rather than a copy of the blueprint itself.

When the Game Mode(or Level - or Both) have a default pawn set, they look for a “Start” in the level and attempt to place an instance of that blueprint.
Existing blueprints are treated as pawns that can be possessed or drive by AI.(add some AI Moveto randoms in the character BP and watch them go)

If you want one in the scene that becomes the active player - take it out of the GameMode (and Map) and open the Level Blueprint - and add a BeginPlay >- Possess
Placing the player controller in charge of that blueprint-actor.

Thank you so much Looniper, that was very helpful.

By the way, I looked into Top Down Template and strangely that project is not using Possessing Player in its Level Blueprint. Do you know how it is still able to reference the character that’s placed in level?

I’ve started a new post for this question: [Beginner] How is the SideScroll example project able to start a game with reference to the character that was placed in scene? - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you, thank you…

all you need to do is select the character you want to be in the scene, then in the details panel search for auto posses and set that option to player 0. this will result in that character being possessed when the game / level starts and the default pawn will not be spawned.

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Amazing! Thanks!