Stop Collision on Static Mesh Attached to Spring Arm?

I just started using unreal engine in an attempt to bring Lego Racers to life. Im trying to start with the build mode where a shadow of the selected brick continuously falls on repeat.

I am using a pawn with a static mesh and a spring arm with a static mesh attached to it to simulate the part of it falling down.

The problem I am having is it looks like the mesh is colliding with the car at the bottom and refuses to move. The value of the spring arm is moving, but the mesh is not. When I move it to the side of the car, it extends past where I would expect it. If anyone knows a simple fix, I would love to hear it.

The ghost piece moves only to the top of his head.

The ghost is able to move past his head level.

I found it was a problem with a collision setting with the spring arm and not the ghost piece