Stop character applying physics to other actors, but keep collision?

Basically, I have a flying platform driven by physics thrusters.

My character can walk around the platform fine as it flies, but if I run into any object attached to the platform, it pushes the physics of the platform and causes it to spin and/or move in the direction my character is ‘pushing’ that object.

Is there a way to have a character still collide with a pawn that is simulating physics, so the character can walk around, but for said character to not affect the physics of the pawn in any way? (so from the character’s perspective, it would seem like there are no physics at all, when really the platform is still moving according to it’s own physics)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Have a look at the character movement component:

With the interaction disabled, the physically simulated objects will interact with you but not the other way round. It’s not perfect but might be enough.

Image from Gyazo

Another example:

This setting is dynamic.

I hadn’t found that toggle before, thanks! It’s definitely made things a little better, but doesn’t solve the problem entirely, even in your little video it seems it’s not perfect either and still affects the physics objects, sometimes.

I’m thinking I may need to move away from physics and drive my platform some other way unless I can find a way to prevent this issue.

Yup, as mentioned above, it’s not perfect. The way movement component emulates physical interaction is somewhat complicated.

Perhaps you could fake it, attach a non-physical floor to the platform, make it invisible and have the pawn walk on that. Not sure if this suggestion makes sense, though.

I already kind of have that as the set up, I basically have a cube that does all the physics, with the actual platform as a child on top of that, which has physics disabled itself.

I messed around with rearranging and scaling different things, and have gotten it to work better, It may just be a trial and error sort of thing to balance the physics around. Thanks for your help!