Stop Camera Clipping After Player Crouch (FPP)


How do I stop my first person camera from seeing through walls when I crouch?

I have already set up crouching to edit the size of the player capsule.

How do I set my capsule collision to bounce as soon as the capsule is altered, rather than only after I move?

To elaborate:
Everything works smoothly if I approach the wall already crouched, however when my character is against the wall, and I press crouch, my camera will clip and allow the player to see through the wall. However, if I move slightly, the capsule will bounce off the wall and work as normal.

Increase the size of your capsule with a short timeline, so it isn’t all instant.

You could add a small amount of movement input to force the overlap detection ejection force. Perhaps on the Z axis, as I don’t believe that would move the character.

Why, can your camera overlap the wall when not moving closer? Your minimum capsule radius shouldn’t allow the camera to clip a wall.