Stop Bots from Respawning in ShooterGame (4.6)

H guys, I got a little issue with my bot behaviour in the ShooterGame example.
What I want is basically that bots don’t respawn after I’ve killed them.
I put all the players within one team and all bots within the other.
I blueprinted a Bot_Spawner, which spawns bots (Bot_Pawns) at specific locations (randomly selected). They spawn just fine but after about 10 seconds they keep respawning:

See video here:

I emptied the void AShooterAIController::Respawn() function but they still keep respawning.
How would I suppress that behaviour? I don’t seem to find the function which gets executed when the Bots were killed.

Would be sweet if anybody got an idea to get that running!

Thanks in advance

Cheers Max

maybe the bots have a respawn mode in their behavior, you could try changing that. i am not completely sure thats the problem though… it could be in the playerstarts?