Stop Audio only lowering volume somewhat


I’m trying to get my main menu -> in-game flow working.

At the moment, my MainMenu widget is playing a prerendered movie as its background image. I am also in a separate node spawning a 2D sound with that same movie’s soundtrack. This all works well.

I have managed to clear the screen of graphics when transitioning into the game proper, but haven’t yet managed to get the audio to stop. In fact, all that happens when the Stop command is triggered is that the volume of the music being played is lowered somewhat. Not a lot, but audibly, so it’s clear that something’s happening.

My blueprint is below. Note that I’m currently using “On Hovered” to kick off the event, but that’s just to make testing a bit easier.

Note: I’ve also tried to Destroy the Component. Same thing!

Huge thanks to anyone who might know what’s up.

Update: I tried telling it to instead set the Volume Multiplier to 0. Exact same effect.

Update 2: A friend advised me to put a Print String after the Spawn Sound 2D node; we both suspected that maybe there were 2 sounds playing for some reason. Sure enough, I got 2 “Hello” strings. How can that be?

Do I understand right, that Open Source node is playing video? Are you sure that This video doesn’t have sound in it?

It doesn’t.

But we found what was happening:

The same widget was being called twice, once from my blueprint but also once from the code. So I did manage to stop the music (that I had set to play), but there was another identical track that had been called by the code. -_-

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