Stones of Yalmrith - Mechanical Puzzles and Platformer

Hi ,

Working on a new Platformer with mechanical and logic puzzles .

Feel free to review or fill in with your inputs, And good luck to everyone on their future game projects.

Stones of Yalmrith Game Trailer - YouTube

There needs to be more a story behind of it all.

Looks pretty cool, reminds me of the game ‘Unraveled’. Looking forward to seeing the finished product and checking out the story

Thanks guys i hope the finished product will live up to your expectations.

Looks pretty awesome! did you finish it ? ^^

Some additional screenshots for now, as soon as i’m finished with the game i will go through details of Puzzle architecture techniques I’ve used and how the blueprints actors will make your life easier in your projects.

OhhMelif , not yet i’m still in Alpha.

Amazing work! Is he wearing e Fez?
Nice music by the way, i love this kind of atmospheric sound.

Thanks Papich , he is wearing it.

OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY now u game developers r working on something GREAT! hope to see YOU in the future ;)-AngryPanKakes

Sure looks pretty all them beautiful patterns and lighting too! But like originalshoe said, I hope there’s some emotional story behind it all too. Some “snapping” with the walk animation around 1:47.

Thanks guys ,point taken.

Keep working on it man, looks nice and has potential

I agree with this 100% the game seems pointless and confusing without some explanations

WOW! this is a solo dev? MIND BLOWN. (no i’m not being sarcastic), looks kind of like little nightmares but with no monsters and more obstacles. Definitely looking forward to further development! :wink:

It looks great but it needs more of a story. What is happening at the end? Does the main character get hung or something?

The game Steam Page is set up, with a short showcase of new creatures.
Steam link : [Stones of Yalmrith on Steam](Stones of Yalmrith on Steam)

Very nice! I really it. It has an Unraveled meets Mario feel, which is an obvious compliment I hope. :slight_smile: Thank for sharing and congrats on the spotlight!

Thanks Bruhpunzel.

The only thing that I would change is the jumping. It looks a little too robotic and not rag dollish. Also when the character is pushing the objects, it looks like it is gliding. Some little things to change. Otherwise, it looks absolutely amazing for a solo dev game. Something I would expect from a high end game development studio.