Stock Market Game For Android And iOS

[ROYALTY] Stock Market Game

Project Title:


I am creating a game that takes 15 or 30 minutes depending if you choose short game or fast game. Short game is 5 rounds, long is 10 rounds. There will be 2 - 4 players including a single player mode and multiplayer mode (probably a later feature). The game works as follows: You first choose if you want long or short mode. You start with $10,000. Then you take turns choosing stocks based on fake companies these stocks have different stabilities, gain, losses, and other aspects which you can see in a research section of the game. You have 3 minutes to choose stocks and buy and sell them. Next after 3 minutes is up buying and selling stops and each player gets a report on which stocks, went up what went down. Then you rinse and repeat this for 5 or 10 rounds depending on which mode you picked. After the game is over the player with the most money wins. Post game you are ranked in first, second, third and fourth and you gain reputation which you can also buy with real money. That you can then use to get different in game upgrades. For example a few second start over others. I don’t want to make it pay to win, or whoever plays more wins but still have a way for people to have a semi advantage if they are dedicated and like the game.


  • Single Player
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Fake Companies
  • Randomly Generated Stock Prices (Gains and Losses)

Team Name:
Haven’t Quite Decided Yet

Team Structure:

  • Level / Map Design: Jarrod (Me)
  • Project Manager: Jarrod (Me)
  • Asset Design: Jarrod (Me)
  • Website: Jarrod (Me)
  • Buying Apple Dev Account And Google Play Dev Account: Jarrod (Me)
  • Blueprints / C++ Developer: 2/2 Needed Still
  • Advertising / Promoting / Marketing: 1/1 Needed Still

Although it looks like I gave myself lots of jobs I have nothing better to do since it is summer so I will be completely dedicated.

I will update the amount of people needed when people join!

Previous Work:
I do not have any exact previous work other then just messing around with features and learning Unreal and Krita Photoshop Alternative (Using For Assets)! I am very confident that this team can achieve this game.

Talent Required:
Knowledge on the job you are applying for is required. Although as you need to trust me on my skill I wil trust you on your skill. No examples are needed other then just confidence.

In the process of being made. I will be programming it. Once company name is decided will get a domain

Discord: 1crusher#5314
DM Me Here On The Forums: Jarrosha