STmaps optical center

A client wants to try using STmaps to undistort images used in the reconstruction, they require the optical center for the lens. It should be two floats that define the optical center of the lens on the sensor as typically these are not perfectly aligned. This is estimated along with the distortion parameters before computing the undistortion ST maps.


How can export this information from RC?

Hi Henry, 

I think you are looking for the principle point. If you search the in app help for how to make a custom report, under cameras you should be able to find how to export this variable, and list it in a custom made report:

Thanks for this info. Is the x value always the longest edge?

Our images are taken in portrait so would x be the vertical egde?

Hi Henry,

It’s very hard to say with 100% certainty, as sometimes the camera tilt sensor is recognized and sometimes not. I would say the most likely would be if you look at the image in a 2d view in RC, and the px should be whatever is horizontal there.

Hi Wallace,

Our photos are hardcoded with the rotation tag so our images are always portrait and they are displayed as portrait in 2D view. Also the control point selector shows values of x as horizontal in 2D view, I think this is correct, our STmap exports as portrait too.

Thanks for your help.