Stille, and i need your feedback...i guess?

Yo uhm,

im about to make something in unreal which i cant even identify myself nor do i know which way i want to go because
my “ideas” are coming on the fly, at the beginning of making this game, i had those VHS movies in mind, means i make some shorter “episodes” which will have some kind of multiple choices that changes the outcoming of either just the ending of the game or the other playable episodes, which will then determine the outcoming of the game.

Now i made the first map ( nothing realy to do there ), with some placeholder assets and some crappy materials on them, but yet i had the pressure to tell some people about this, like i did something no one else did before, expect for the part that i know i didnt.

I dont know if this will be finished someday and if i will sell this for like 1€ at release ( i mean there are a lot worse games for higher prices when it comes to SOME russian indie developers :stuck_out_tongue: )

Screenshots would just spoiler everything i made, so i just upload the project.
At the current state, this game is done in like 30 seconds.
It has no missions, no choices or anything to do in it, and there’s nothing that will tell you “ok you saw everything”.

So as soon as you say “dat waste of time man”, just press alt f4 to quit :stuck_out_tongue:

So now i need some kind of feedback i guess and i would appreciate it, no matter what kind of feedback i get.


Screenshots or a video would make me more inclined to download a random .rar

1st thing I would do is choose a different host for your project to download. It tried to get me to download two rars. One yours at 123MB and another also called Stille.rar at about 4MB. Very dodgy.

On the scene itself, very good. Its very atmospheric and I really like what you do what the dept of field. Haven’t seen anyone else do anything like this that good before. Ya there is no gameplay and you are just walking around one room but I think this would make a great horror. I’d say continue with this. I’d be very interested to try your next version if you add some gameplay elements.

You should make a video for us.

@tcla75 Thx for downloading it and give me feedback. I dont know why u had to download 2 .rar files that confuses me but i will change the host then, i always use the first one i dont have to sign up for it. And btw, there are 2 rooms, if you look closly you can see a entrance behind the shelf which u can push ^^ i dont want to give instruction for stuff like this, because in the end i want people to “explore” the scenery.
@zlspradlin As i said, since it wont show anything special and i want to get “real” feedback, its better to play this yourself and not let anyone else “spoil” stuff for you like this, even if it has nothing to offer yet, i think your opinion will be different in this case :stuck_out_tongue:

But if i have some stuff to do i think about making a video.

Thx so far


Ok here is a short video of it, hope ya enjoy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: