Still unsure of how to properly use the Add Instanced Static Mesh Component and Add Instance

So I’ve been going through and doing some enhancements and optimizations while I’ve been trying to get some other problems resoled, and I decided to try using the Instanced static meshes instead of normal static meshes, but I guess I’m just not sure how to properly go about this.

Initially I was just trying to use the AddinstancedStaticMeshComponent node, but that didn’t do anything. So I used an AddInstance in addition to the ASMC like this:

But this seemed like it would have been adding a ton of Instanced Static Mesh components to the BP. SO, I changed the BP to add a single AISMC at the beginning and save a reference to it, then when I needed to actually add the meshes, I used the Add Instance. This worked just fine, but it didn’t have a material, so I tried adding a Set Material, but that doesn’t seem to be working.

Here’s the screenshot:

What do I need to do to add the material to the Instanced static mesh?

Okay, I got it. I don’t need to use the Set Material, but I DO need to edit the materials that are applied and make sure there’s a check in “Used with Instanced Static Meshes” under the “Usage” section in the Details.