Still unable to get access to Metahuman Creator

I try to launch, I get redirected endlessly in a loop.
“Your access to MetaHuman Creator is confirmed. Stand by while we redirect you.”


Same Here
It is frustrating

I broke the last plugin, which everyone is testing

The same here. Tried all browsers and incognito modes. Read lots of posts about this issue happening a couple of years ago. No luck so far.
This probably needs attention from devs @ Epic. But I don’t believe everyone is having this issue. Maybe just us.

I’m having this problem. Does anyone know what is supposed to happen if access was granted?

still an issue for me as well

I figured out the problem. Our license (the approval from Epic to have early access to MetaHuman) is flawed. THE ONLY WAY to get it work is to create another epic account THAT IS NOT CONNECTED with your current epic account, (not logging in via your facebook or gmail accounts) and then request the early access from this new isolated account. Then you can get in.
Before Epic fixes this, there’s literally no other way around it. (I tested every way possible mentioned by anyone in every forum.)
Good luck.


I wonder if anyone at Epic/Metahuman can take our email addresses and clear our access to Metahuman so we can request access again. I don’t want to juggle two accounts since that would mean signing into Quixel Bridge (and possibly other apps) with the same accounts as well…