Still unable to get access to Metahuman Creator

Hey Guys!

This question is basically for EPIC related to the Early Access for Meta Human Creator.

Basically it’s been a week since I registered for it through my Epic games account. But I still don’t have access to it as you can see in the image below.

Now there isn’t a way to register again or something like that. Please help.


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Their instructions aren’t correct. I didn’t receive a confirmation email, but later I was suddenly able to log in. Just go to MetaHuman Creator ( and see if you can sign in with your Epic account. Sessions only last one hour, so just refresh the page after a minute to log in again.

Yeah, no confirmation email here either.

Yeah, me either.

Mine got resolved immediately after this post.
For anyone still facing this issue. Just make sure to go back to the page till you see the “Launch App” Button. I still didn’t receive any confirmation mail. So don’t wait for that.