Still no SSR without TAA


SSR still only works with TemporalAA on.
When using FXAA or No AA, SSR don’t Show up.

Hi Raildex,

Screenspace Reflection’s work with any of the AA methods. I double-checked and this is working in 4.12.5 without issue.

Maybe check to make sure that you’re Engine Scalability settings are set to EPIC. When Effects get to Medium or below SSR is disabled completely.

Scalability is set to Epic:


I think you will need to provide more details, such as OS your using, GPU, etc. as per Tim Hobson. I have tested in 4.12.5 and SSR is showing for Temporal AA and FXAA and None without issues

Temporal AA


Win 10,
UE 4.12.5
AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

I get some oddities as well in 4.12 :



This is with nvidia gtx 970, win 10 64 bit.

Edit: actually, is the reflection black because it’s a reflection of an already highly reflective surface?

I’ve just found this thread so here’s more info: The SSR renders black from surfaces that are not directly lit. So surfaces lit by Skylight render black when no TAA is used. (e.g. when using FXAA)
I created a thread regarding this here:…oralaa-is-used

I would be nice to know if this is a bug or a limitation of SSR.
Tested on 4.22, 4.23, 4.24.