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I searched for books and website literally tell you how to do everything else perfect but making a simple building it could 5x5x5 meters. with a second Floor… geez I migh as well say no second floors in the game

I found how to make characters uv maps grass… but a two story building

Second floors are on the roadmap for UE 4.14 next year although there’s some rumours that it will be pushed to Unreal Engine 5 as it requires DX13 (obviously).

Just an FYI some of us have been looking forward towards support for third and even fourth floors. Kind of mindblowing if you think about it but technology moves fast.

Okay, just kidding. What specifically do you need help with?

LOL I KNOW!!! I searched so many lessons. And it’ll teach me everything except making a two story building it’s mind blowing. I tried the method where i just weld to different object and the textures wound up being very strange even if I uv map… and I’m a pro at uv map lol… Just how would you go about doing it?

literally i found lessons where they’ll teach me to create a whole character but a proper two story building no way

That’s really just basic modeling you don’t need any special tutorial

Making a two story building is very simple.

I don’t want to be a douche but if you’re a professional at UV unwrapping, wouldn’t you know how to make a two-story building?

Anyways, I’ll try to help:

First you want to start with the outside of the building, don’t focus on the inside just yet, blockout the outside, get your windows etc.

Then you want to make a separate cube or plane and start working on the inside, this would be a separate mesh and would utilize probably a modular kit of some sort (like walls, doorframes, etc.), modelling the inside will sometimes be annoying because of your camera views, but you can definitely find ways of making it easier like cutting the outside mesh in half, etc.

Then at that point you want to make your stairs to go from the first floor to the second floor and you just repeat the process of placing your modular pieces.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

There are two basic ways:

  1. As CrimsonWingzz says, build from the outside in.

  2. Build from the inside out. Start with a block that’s the size of your house. Now make smaller blocks for each of the rooms, and use CSG to cut them out of the big house. (This is the Boolean operator in 3ds Max, negative brushes in Unreal Editor, etc.) Then cut out each of the doors, windows, and other bits you need. Then, when the shell/shape is the way you want it, add furnishing and other decorations, and if the player will see the outside, add outside decorations.

When it comes to UV mapping, that is a skill you need to learn for all kinds of geometry. Select a set of faces that are all contiguous, and then apply some UV mapping to them. Repeat, until you’re done! If you see something wrong, select those faces and apply a better mapping. There exist tools that can help getting the initial mapping right, but it’s usually worth it to then improve what you get. (In 3ds Max, it’s tools like Unflatten Mapping, Normal Mapping (which doesn’t have anything to do with normal maps …) and such.)

That is kind of douchey. This isn’t just aimed at you, but I wish people on this forum would stop that kind of thing where we question why someone needs help with something. I’ve even seen mods here do it too. People have questions, let’s try not to sort out a pecking order over it.

Anyway, I read OP’s post history and he’s right - modelling a whole house and not having things like lighting leaks is quite difficult. I’d agree with CrimsonWingzz suggestion - do the outside and inside hulls as separate meshes. Someone in the other thread also made a good suggestion - separate the floors too.

I think it’d be a case of building the entire building then splitting it along some edges until it’s three separate hulls, with the borders being along the internal window edges…

Hey Kufi,

It looks like the core issue you were having was more with lighting issues in the interior environment. If you’re having some weird light leaks and shadows, I suggest taking a look at these guides to fixing them:

If you are also looking for a good “how-to” on modelling buildings with interiors and exteriors, I’d suggest looking into tutorials for 3D modeling software. Something like thismay help.

Even if it was, he gives an explanation of how. Bringing it up again was just as bad really as is on mine for carrying it on. Any who the way I do it is to do rooms individually and whether one or multiple stories its the same principal in my head at least, instead of expanding horizontally, you go vertically then once done you add the shell to finish.

This is generally the way I go.

While it doesn’t show you how to model things exactly, theres a pretty cool GDC presentation by former Bethesda employee Joel Burgess on building modular kits for games, like they did in Skyrim and Fallout. Check it out here. There’s also a newer version from this year too, which explains how they did it in Fallout 4.

Using CSG tools, in or Unreal, creates geometry with no lighting leaks at all. That’s one of the benefits!