still it's possible to use UDK? I did format my pc and i lost my udk.

I have formatted my pc and i had UDK (unreal 3). But now as i formatted my PC, i dont have ue3 anymore. It’s possible to still get ue3? I would like so much, but i think it’s impossible, right? (im brazilian so my english is not so good)

Nope, there are still links on the net: February 2015 Unreal Development Kit (UDK) file - Mod DB

So, if there are links, there is a way to use it?

Install it and start using it? :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, its still usable. But UE4 is superior to UDK in (almost)every way. So unless you have already projects far in development with UDK, I strongly suggest you to use UE4.

Ok, thx. But i have a low spec pc, i think it is better to use udk. With my low spec pc (4gb ram, gt 430 2gb vram, i3-4150) do you think should i go to ue4?

mhh that is indeed quite a problem. The GT430 is very old and the i3 as well. Its bad, even for UDK. You can try UE4 but It’ll lag and compilation of C++ will take a long time. So I suggest using Blueprint and a minimalistic project. If you wanna go for realistic graphics and a bigger project in general, definitely upgrade your PC!