Stiff leg issue

Hi there!
I’ve been working on learning how to use Unreal Engine for the past 2 ish days (So I’m very new, so sorry if this is super nooby)
and I started THIS tutorial yesterday, I got to six and went to sleep due to afew issues I thought I’d address when I wake up/ later in the day.
I fixed one where my character turned into a character, it took me a while but I got there.
But this leg issue continued to happen.
What it is, is the legs won’t move ALL the time when you move back, forward ect. Sometimes they’ll stay stiff, like this: IMAGE HERE

Also, when I view him in the viewport LOADS of Game Preview Clients open and he gets mushed by 4 other guys. Though it’s completely fine when I play it as a “Standalone Game”: IMAGE HERE

Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

(Also, sorry if this is the wrong place)