Stiff Dash

I’m trying to make a dash mechanic for my 2d platformer and I always find that whenever I do a dash jump or I dash off a ledge the character goes flying across the map. I’m looking for a more stiff dash like in Megaman X for example. Here’s my current blueprint. Sorry if it looks like a mess.

I have the same problem.

This is my solution so far

It looks 100% like the megaman move but the only problem is that u can dash through walls with that method. Dunno how to get rid of that problem.

I know this thread is old, but if someone is looking for a solution and ends up here, here’s a tutorial for the dash, airdash and other Mega Man X related movement: UE4 Beginner Mega Man X Mechanics Tutorial Part 2: Dash, Jumpdash and Airdash - YouTube