STICS - 3D Animated Short Film in Unreal Engine 4

Hi everyone,

I am proud to present “STICS”, a 3D animated short film made with Unreal Engine 4!

STICS is a story about a space explorer and his robot companion searching for paradise on an unknown planet.
Along their journey they leave behind beacons in the form of sticks, so their crew back at the ship may follow them once paradise is found.

The story was inspired by the Stick Salesman who appears in epic concept art & illustrations: sticksalesmanadventures.tumblr/

Who worked on this:
Hanway Lin - Director & Visual Artist
Derek Ho - Character Animator
Khang Nguyen - Character Designer



Really, really nice style! :slight_smile:

Lovely video, lovely music, lovely everything :smiley:

Awesome !

That’s awesome!

Did you do the animation with UE4?

Really loved the other world feel of this and the animation. Can you add player input so we can play a game version :wink:
It’s so amazing that in one engine you can do almost anything. Make the next toy story movie, make the next gta, make mega drive or NES games, apps, interactive demo videos…

The animations were done in Maya, then imported into UE4 as FBX files.

Awesome! I love the style :smiley:

That was pretty cool, the art style was nice. =)

Just wow!
Very good work :slight_smile:

I see, thank you.

That’s a pretty cool video, you can be proud of yourselves!

Lovely! A making off would be nice, because this is kickass!

That was really awesome, especially the art style (like others have already said)!

Great Work!