Stick Right/Left/Up/Down Dead Zone

It appears the Project Settings values for Stick Dead Zones affect tick events which get the axis value for that stick but the (not tick) Event right/left/up/down still fire as if the dead zone were at the smallest value. Is there a work around to this?


To rephrase this because I think i worded it poorly…

When setting the deadzone values for the left stick x axis and using the left stick x axis to control movement, the deadzone works as you’d expect. I think the Get Axis Values which are being read every tick for movement are correctly being adjusted by the deadzone.

However an event such as Event Gamepad Right Thumbstick Right does not fire every tick nor does it require a Get Axis Value. It seems this event is triggered any time the right stick is moved at all to the right, regardless of what the deadzone is set to. This event is treated like a button press with Pressed and Released exec lines so I don’t think branching by a minimum axis value will work because the event will have already already been “pressed” before reaching that value.

Is there a way to create a deadzone for this type of event?


Came up with this. Still wondering if there’

s something better, specifically in the project settings.

if you are using X and Y but want a radial deadzone this is what I figured out this morning (after I searched for the answer and found this post). The issue I ran into with doing the ABS > 0.5 of both sticks is that when using X and Y both it creates deadzones at the four corners while at full magnitude as well as deadzone at the center. The vector thing worked great and it’s a radial deadzone.

For direction (like facing or move angle) Make Vector from X and Y (Z=0), get vector length, if it’s > 0.5 process the input if not, do nothing (that works for angle)
For speed do the same thing, but if it is < 0.5 instead of doing nothing, set the value to 0 (you can also remap the vector length from 0-1 to 0.5 to 1 so you can have full speed control outside the deadzone).