STI Vision 2.6 - Revit viewer

STIVision 2.6

Interactive Revit Viewer for AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) projects.
Workflow is minimal: Export Datasmith file from Revit, load the Datasmith file with a custom Dataprep script, build the lighting map, compile the exe file or use it directly from the Unreal Engine editor.
Everything works directly: Material substitution (using a base custom material library made for Revit and a matching Unreal counterpart), automatic collision set up (wall, floor, stair, etc.), complete access to Revit Parameters for every object, minimal lighting setup.

Main tools and features:

  • Hide or xray all the building parts with collision disabling
  • Highlight and/or isolate single/all MEP category
  • 3 different interfaces to see the parameters of query elements (simple, standard and full)
  • Sun simulation
  • ENG/ITA interface
  • Gravity switch
  • External visualization
  • Jump to different cameras to quickly move to predesigned important locations

… and a useful flashlight for poorly light areas.

The main purpose is to have a very quickly and useful viewer to navigate the model or digital twin of the site, more time is spent tweaking (materials, lights, ambiance, reflections, etc) to achieve better visual results to present to our clients or advertising.

STIVision 2.6 in action

More videos on YouTube Channel…FjdKST0mZQ8V5g