STF3d - Forest Pack Vol. II

Dear all,

This is STF-3d with another release of our realistic nature assets.

We have once again set out to 3D-scan and retopologize lots of trees, rocks and other environmental assets you may find a welcome addition to your UE4 scenes.

We have included beech trees, sunflowers, ground plants, grass meshes, road meshes, fence poles and many, many other plants and objects from the Northern Hemisphere.

Our focus was on performance this time around, since our first Forest Pack did, frankly, require quite a bit of reworking later in 2018 (by now, it has gained more than 30% of performance compared to the initial release on our machines).

So, here is the imagery, and down below, you’ll find the product link - let us have your feedback & constructive criticism so we can improve the pack!…asset-pack-vol

Best regards,