Steve - Side Scrolling Gem Collect


The Game

Steve is a 3D Side Scrolling game, in which the player will need to solve puzzles. The aim of the game is simple; solve the puzzles, collect the gems, move onto the next level.

**A bit of history about the developer


I am a graphic designer by trade and have a passion for working with 3D models, be that game design or real life renders. I use Blender for all my models and have been using it for around 6 years. I came to Unreal Engine 4 from using GameGuru - The Easy Game Creator. I felt a bit limited by the engine and I was looking for something with a little more control. UE4 seemed to be able to offer that. I am currently the only person working on the game.

**The Character

Steve is a little knight from the Medieval era and his quest is simple. He must collect the gems to piece the shattered world back together.

[SIZE=5]**Progress so Far

**[/SIZE]I have been working on creating Blueprints for all the core elements of the game, such as, the traps, player health, HUDS, materials for all the models etc. I feel this part of the process is coming to a close. However, I understand that it will never be truly complete, as I will be constantly tweaking elements and adding new ones, as the game progresses further. I want to keep the game as a physics based puzzle game with Medieval styled traps - swinging axes, rotating drums with spikes on, falling blocks with spikes, fire traps - you know, all that nasty stuff.




We all know that images can only show so much, so, I put a short video together, just showing the basic gameplay that is currently in place.

This is my first game with UE4, so, please feel free to give me your thoughts/ comments/ criticisms. All is welcome.



Hi Jay! It’s great to see what you are making. I really like how Steve falls apart on his death animation!

What platform are you making this for? Based on the UI I’m guessing some sort of touch screen?

Bit of an odd bit of crit, but to me, your game logo doesn’t feel like it matches the art style of the game; the logo feels quite cartoony compared to the gritiness of the in-game assets. I know this is still WIP, so things will change as you continue development, but it might be something to keep in mind, as right now they don’t feel like they match up completely. That aside, I look forward to seeing more progress updates :slight_smile:

Hi Jess,

Thanks for the kind comments. I enjoy the ragdoll effect as well. Saves me having to animate it!

I am aiming towards android as the platform, with a look to desktop as a secondary platform.

Funny you should mention the logo. It is from a game I created originally in another engine. I used to use GameGuru and I created the game for a competition - Steve - GameGuru Forum.

The assets that I created for that game were a lot more cartoon based, as the shaders and graphics in the engine didn’t really do them justice. They have now come across to UE4, undergone a material transplant and come out looking a lot shinier. I will be concentrating more on logos, GUI elements and videos at a later date. The logo is just a placeholder for now, like the rest of the 2D stuff.

Shaping up to be really pretty, the environment art and lighting already looks nice.

I think with just a few small changes you could really improve the feel of what you already have. I’d increase the amount the camera lags (Can’t remember exactly what this is called in Unreal Engine) behind the player movement to make it feel a bit more analogue. Related to that, I feel like the camera could frame the character a little better - it’s a bit too close/central IMO. Obviously it’s your game and a lot of this is down to taste :slight_smile:

Hi Chris, Thanks for the comment.

I hadn’t given the camera movement any thought at all! So, you have just sparked something new in me. Thanks. I will do a little research on how to change the speed of the camera spring arm and see if I can give it a little ‘bounce’. I was thinking about the field of view and how much the player can see of the level. I did want to move the camera back slightly, giving the player more to look at, but, I didn’t want to go out too far, as the target platform is mobile.

Thanks again for your comments; you have given me food for thought.

Awesome work! For your first foray into UE4, this is darn good! I would buy it if it comes out :slight_smile:

@<a href=“” target="_blank">Chris Wilson</a>,

I have increased the camera lag and I do like it. The gameplay feels a little smoother for it; so, thanks for that heads up. I have also pulled the camera out a little, to show a bit more of the surroundings, which again, was a great suggestion, so, kudos on your comments! Any other pearls of wisdom?

I have recorded another little video, just to showcase the progress. I have decided to change out the textures and materials for cartoon/hand painted versions. It is supposed to be a fun game and with the photo realistic materials, I felt the fun was being taken out.

Still a whole lot left to do before I am happy with to move on to another level, but, we are getting there.



Awesome! It’s funny how such small changes like that make such a huge difference. Humans are of course analogue and so anything digital in movement tends to feel wrong. Have you experimented with where the player character is in the frame at at all? It might look better with the character aligned to the rule of thirds. Of course, it may not work for you game, but it’s quick to try :slight_smile:

I don’t have any more easy wins on that front I’m afraid - those ones have come from my own experience in platformers just feeling a bit off and not knowing quite why. Glad that helped you out anyway. I’d just keep working on whatever motivates you, and then decide how you make the camera/controls compliment that :slight_smile:

Looks great. I love the sound fx and the ambiance of the environment is really calming.

That said, a few things that I think you’d benefit from if added/changed:

  • The jumping animation is really static. Because you don’t have a mesh for the knights knees and because there isn’t any upward/downward movement of his body the straight up jumps and especially the landings are non-existent. When landing move his feet accordingly as to the bending of his knees and when jumping upwards have a launching off position by lowering the knights body towards the ground and launching upwards.

  • Maybe add a speed effect and with that add a speed up gem (red) or temporary invincible gem (purple).

Thats all from me. Keep up the great work.