Steve Bruce - Freelance Composer and Sound Design


I have over 6 years of professional music composition and sound design, focusing on music for video games, however this also included music for both TV and film.

I am currently composing the music for an online space-based exploration game.

I was the assistant recording engineer on Ex-Machina.

In the past I have composed music for companies such as BBC Wales and It’s My Shout. In addition, I have also composed music for a zombie survival type game entitled ‘Life of Dead’, before it’s cancellation.

I specialize in science fiction, fantasy, horror and classical styles of music, but have also begin to incorporate different music styles from around the world into my work.

My rates are very reasonable, or if the project cannot afford to bring on a full time composer, I am sure something can be worked out.

Links to my most recent work can be found below: -


If your project needs an experienced composer / sound designer to bring on board then feel free to get in touch!

Worked with Steven a lot last year. Easy to work with and creative. +1

I now have my music featuring in the upcoming games ‘Xeno Siege’, ‘Teardrops’ and ‘Spacemen’

I am now looking for more composing work.

Still looking for more work.