Stereo WAV and spatialization


Is it possible to use Stereo sound with spatialization (UE 4.14) ? I know that in previous verions we had to convert our audio files to mono to have it in 3D but after few test I see that stereo files are working just fine when we use the Spatialization. So, does this mean that we don`t need to convert all files to mono?


You should be able to set stereo width as one of the options in the Spatialization settings for the WAV asset or the sound cue.


From 4.12 version you can use stereo wave files with spatialization.

hello, can anyone explain how 3D Stereo Spread opting actually works with stereo samples?

Wondering the same thing. I’m having no luck trying to make stereo sounds work and play as 2D sounds at certain distance and spatialize when they get far. Apparently nobody knows how to do that.