Stereo rendering without oculus?

I’m trying to use a “homemade” oculus to work with unreal engine, but so far all the solutions I have found only work when a oculus device is plugged in.

Is there any way to force unreal to show a stereo 3D render, so that I can test it on my VR set?

I’m also looking for this for a different reason. Did you ever find a solution?

Hey, unfortunately no luck, didn’t find a solution, still interested tho

Have you tried enabling the SimpleHMD plugin, and trying that route? I haven’t tested it recently, but I tried it out a few months ago and let me turn on stereo rendering without an HMD attached.

This works for me. It’s not identical, but it’s good enough. Thanks.

Hi, please visit the “iLocalPlayer” UE4 C++ Plugin on UE4 Marketplace: iLocalPlayer4UE4 in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace

Functions of this plugin: 1. Side-by-Side Stereo 3D implementing; 2. Asymmetric projection(or named asymmetric view frustum) implementing.

Hope this helps you.