Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture on linux

I want to tru render 360 panorama in unreal on linux
I’m folowed all steps like

  1. Create a new project, enable the Stereo Panoramic Movie Capture plugin
    under Edit > Plugins > Movie Capture,
    restart the editor
  2. Go into play mode and enter the following commands:

SP.OutputDir /home/yeti/ (sets the
output directory) SP.PanoramicMovie 0
300 (make a movie, 300 frames long)

and try to create level blueprints like ![alt text][1]
But this dont work’s for me!
Please help to find the way to do it!
It will be a perfect way to do it with matinee.
Thank you

What happens when you try it?

just nothing

Try adding print nodes between your existing nodes and see if your execution stops at one of the nodes.