Stereo Mode in Android for VR

I am using UE4 to develop a game in VR.
I’m attempting to build for the Android platform, specifically for stereoscopic devices such as the Durovis Dive.

I am struggling to get two things accomplished:

  1. Enabling Stereo Mode as the default. Also, typing “stereo on” in the Android Preview window is giving me a VERY bizarre output
  2. Trying to include gyro, tilt, accel into the game

Any thoughts?

bump. any help would be appreciated.

What happens when you run with ‘-emulatestereo’ in the command line when launching on device? That should enable the FakeStereoDevice, which emulates the basics of a stereo plugin, and can be used as a rough template of a new VR plugin.

Some of the postprocess stages can be problematic with stereo on android, and it can be a performance issue anyway, so it’s best to disable HDR, post, AA, etc. in the project rendering settings.