Stereo layer UI display behavior

I have an actor with both a stereo layer and widget. The widget is assigned as the texture of the stereo layer after it is made visible (SetVisibility). Until recently, setting visibility and assigning it to the stereo layer resulted in immediate visibility to the Vive headset. Then, without any code changes, the widget would not become visible for an indeterminate period (0 to 60 seconds+). After days of debugging and PrintString calls, I realized that it had to do with the location of the Vive headset relative to the work volume. If the headset was near or outside the “chaperone” volume, the stereo layer won’t update. If I keep the headset well within the volume, visibility updates are instant.

Has anybody else seen this or know what’s going on with this? All other VR scenery updates just fine, only the stereo layer items are affected.

UPDATE: The position of the headset as it affects stereo layer visibility is nondeterministic. Sometimes it updates immediately, other times not. Moreover, multiple instances of the stereo layer actor will update while others do not, even though the underlying code is triggering on the same events.

This is running using Steam VR and Vive. I see from this unreal stereo layer doc under the “SteamVR” section that “Textures used in Stereo Layers must be set to UserInterFace2D (RGBA) or they will not show up”. However, I cannot find UserInterFace2D anywhere. Hopefully somebody has some insite on this problem.