Stereo helmet-mounted camera


Whats the best Stereo helmet-mounted camera to be able to do the new metahuman animator feature, as seen at GDC

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I found this company, any others?

I would like to know as well, the things I find don’t seem to be stereo.


You need an iOS device with a faceID sensor. Strange that Epic is suporting Apple but I guess Apple do make great cameras on their phones.

It’s because there’s so few models of iPhones, the software is calibrated to use the camera so it’s much easier to add a handful of iPhones than it is for the many different other devices out there.

They also say it supports other stereo camera head mounted systems. It seems like someone out there must offer some kind of cheap headgear that you could attach a couple of GoPro cameras to, I’m sure people will be talking about this kind of thing a lot with Animator available. For example the Faceware link above requires you to pay for their software which isn’t necessary now.

More like abusing a system which is free to use for end users but is directly making epic money.

There is no good “unreal” helmet.

Professional Production tools (like faceware) usually do their work in a dedicated editor, and produce the end file you can import anywhere.

Metahuman animator is not a “professional” tool, so it works off an Iphone.

The best way to mount an iphone properly is to make your own 3d printed rigs.

The ones on the market are horrible, sutupidly expensive, or both…