Steps to make your unreal game work on ouya (tested)

hi everyone!!! (sorry for my english)

after 2 days of hard work i managed to get the tappy chiken demo to run on the ouya.

the touch pad works… very poorly but it works!

i havent tried yet to make the controllers work, ill go to that next!!

ill post this here. so if anyone need it can use it.
and in the future may be some people might post some other helpfull info.

ok, i did so many things, and some of them might be unnecessary, but ill post everything i did anyways.

this is working for me today: june 29, 2014
at current unreal version: 4.2.1

step one:
go to your folder: “C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.2\Engine\Build\Android\Java” and make a copy.
we will change the way unreal compiles for android, so if you later want to publish for some other android device, you will appreciate this backup.

step two:
copy there the following files: (get them from the ouya sdk)


step 3:
edit the file jni\ make it look like this:

step 4:
edit file: Engine\Build\Android\Java\src\com\epicgames\

in the import section add:

and at the very end make it look like this:

step 5:
edit: Engine\Build\Android\Java\AndroidManifest.xml

and change version:

step 6:
go to unreal engine, open tappychicken (or any other project )
go to “file>package project>package settings>engine>rendering”

disable post processing

go to “file>package project>package settings>platforms>android”
and set orientation to “landscape”

and thats it!!!

tappy chicken is running on OUYA… ill try to get the controllers working now, if anyone knows something, please share!

i forgot to mention you also have to disable HDR, in the rendering section

Hey thanks for this guide :slight_smile:

thanks for the info, any chance to show how to map the ouya buttons on eu4?

how about the performance?

thanks for your help.

Yeah I’d love to see what kind of performance you are getting, awesome work.

I would make the android versions like

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion=“9” android:targetSdkVersion=“16” android:maxSdkVersion=“19” />

Should make it compatible for almost all devices

You got only flappy chicken to run?? did you Try exporting a fps shooter initial setup ??
Did you get acceptable frame rate?? I only get a good fps on flappy chicken. But 3d shooters are all sloppy. I only saw ridicoulus performance on Android with UE4…except flappy chicken, but is a ***** game.

I only have one of these files in my ODK and that is the ouya-sdk.jar. Where can the rest be found?

FYI using latest ODK version “odk-1.0.14”.

I’d like to bump this - I, too, only see the odk.jar in the latest Ouya SDK. Has anybody figured out where to get the rest?

Also is it only the 2D engine that runs? cause it seems like the only thing that has even been attempted is the flappy birds. Would be nice to see the Mobile Temple demo run.

i dont know if anyone still read this post, it took about 1 month to get the first reply. and i was so busy with my game that i didnt noticed until today.

to answer some of your questions:

  • the performance is awfull, not sure why, but i believe its because UE4 does not support forward rendering, so for a tegra 3, a 3D project needs to be very low poly…
  • the controls just work… magically… i have no idea how… they just do
  • the mobile temple demo runs… at about 4fps…

about the building, it seems with version 4.3 this guide is not needed anymore, not really sure, because i gave up and went back to unity… yeah, i know, shame on me. but the performance is just too low and we are very far in development to go and change everything.

my next game will be made on UE4 thats for sure!.

Thanks for the jump start.

Yes UE4 is supported on OUYA. Check out the latest plugin and docs.