Steps to create a plugin which contains a USceneComponent

UE 4.20

I have created a single c++ class based on USceneComponent which gets added to a character mesh. In the project which has the c++ code everything works fine.

I then use “new plugin” to create a plugin and then “package” to create a folder with runtime files.

I have added the resulting plugin folder to the engine plugin folder and also tried adding the plugin folder to a new project. In either case I am unable to see the class which is based on the USceneComponent.

Any tips on how to get this to work? Basically I need to expose that class in the plugin somehow. I’ve read over the (mostly useless) UE docs on plugin creation and tried several different settings based on Rama tutorials and various Youtube sessions.

Anyone aware of a true cookbook procedure that is documented on how to package a component based plugin, or is this even possible?

We can do anything with plugins, it’s C++.
So yes it’s possible… but if you really want to make plugins you have to be prepared to lurk into engine source, they can’t document the whole topic because it’s way too broad, plugins can add anything to the engine.

To me sounds like you lack basic understanding of engine’s internals and how important pieces work together, maybe it’s too early to start making plugins.

I could just tell you that you need to export the component through your plugin’s _API macro and it should contain “Spawnable” meta tag, but you really shouldn’t be making plugins before the engine sources and you are close friends…

For completeness, I did resolve the issue. I was adding the C++ code into the UE4 project branch, not the plugin branch. Once I moved the code everything worked fine.

Documentation on this process is pretty lacking. I disagree that its too broad. Epic should step up here.

Anyway solved the issue myself.