Step Height without CharacterMovement Component

How would I approach doing Step Height on a non-capsule character?

My character is currently a cube - its movement is simply AddActorWorldOffset with Simulated Physics+Gravity on.
However the cube constantly gets stuck at random places when moving on a tiled floor where each tile is its own collision, probably because it sometimes think the tiles are sticking out by 0.000001? Or maybe it’s penetrating the geometry somehow.

My biggest problem is Impact Point is always arbitrary; depending on the size of the object, the Impact Point can be anywhere along the cube’s contact face. For example, when hitting an extremely elongated wall, the Impact Point is shown to be near the floor.

Is the only way to get the height of the collided object a ray trace from top to bottom? How should I approach that and proceed from there?

If you are using physics then I would suggest using the add force nodes rather than trying to place your cube in exact positions. It is an entirely different approach - you might like it, you might not.

The easy solution would be to remove the collision from the floor tiles and spread a large collider across the floor.