Step-by-Step how to add ShooterGame example C++ project in your existing Blueprint project

Step-by-Step tutorial how to add/clone/migrate/port/compile ShooterGame example C++ project in your existing Blueprint project

After two days (18,19.09.2015) in hell tests boys and girls here is the f…g working way:

I.Create Blank Blueprint project called “MyProject6” or rename your own
II.Open it and add First Person C++ Feature
III.Close it
IV.Delete three directories from Blueprint MyProject6: Binaries, Builds, Source

V.Rename “ShooterGame” example project to “MyProject6”:
Credits:i used the tutorial of labidus- Instruction: How to rename ShooterGame project step by step,

1.Download it
2.Create directory MyProject6
3.Copy in MyProject6 three directories and one file from ShooterGame_4.9\data
=>in MyProject6 directory must exist only:
-three directories: Config, Content, Source
-one file: ShooterGame.uproject
4.Rename ShooterGame.uproject to MyProject6.uproject
5.Right click on MyProject6.uproject and select “Generate Visual Studio project files”
6.Start MyProject6.sln (double click on it)
7.You must “Replace All” three strings in that order without the quotes:
-“ShooterGame” -> “MyProject6”
-“Shooter Game” -> “My Project6”
You can do that as select three times “Edit”->“Find and Replaces”->“Replaces in Files” with respective strings
Find what:
Replace with:
Look in:
F:\UnrealEngine Projects\MyProject6

Find what:
Replace with:
Look in:
F:\UnrealEngine Projects\MyProject6

Find what:
Shooter Game
Replace with:
My Project6
Look in:
F:\UnrealEngine Projects\MyProject6

NOTE: if popup dialog alert window titled “File Modification Detected” is opened -> then click “Ignore All”
=>Finally select “File”->“Save All” and close VS2013

8.Delete two directories: Intermediate; Saved
9.Delete three files: MyProject6.sdf; MyProject6.sln; MyProject6.v12.suo
=>in MyProject6 directory must exist only:
-three directories: Config, Content, Source
-one file: MyProject6.uproject
10.Replace string “ShooterGame” with “MyProject6” in all 31 file names and 2 directory names placed in Source directory in MyProject6
11.Add the next new line as last line in “[/Script/Engine.Engine]” section of “MyProject6\Config\DefaultEngine.ini” file:
12.Start MyProject6.uproject (double click on it)
13.When popup dialog alert window titled “Missing MyProject6 Modules” is opened -> select YES (Do rebuilds this two files right now: UE4Editor-ShooterGame.dll and UE4Editor-ShooterGameLoadingScreen.dll)
14.MyProject6 must be loaded without a problem

VI.Copy five directories from renamed ShooterGame MyProject6 to Blueprint MyProject6: Binaries, Builds, Source, Content, Config
NOTE: You can mix your own Blueprint MyProject6 DefaultEngine.ini and DefaultInput.ini files with renamed ShooterGame MyProject DefaultEngine.ini and DefaultInput.ini files.
But it is good to know that if some lines from original renamed ShooterGame MyProject6 DefaultEngine.ini file absent in DefaultEngine.ini of Blueprint MyProject6, the project will crash from the beggining!!!
VII.Open Blueprint MyProject6, load some map and select for GameMode Class some of these two ones: MyProject6_FreeForAll or MyProject6_TeamDeathMatch

Toggle camera once or permanent from First Person Shooter (FPS) to Third Person Shooter (TPS) - based on Greg’s C++ tutorial “Shooter Game - Toggle Third Person”,
Just replace old six files with new ones from the zip and recompile the project
Note: The two lines from DefaultInput.ini you can add to your existing DefaultInput.ini file

MyProject6 - I renamed and inject C++ ShooterGame Project into Blueprint ThirdPerson (975M)

Thanks so much for the instructions for renaming the project! Why do they make renaming a C++ Project so difficult?

“After two days (18,19.09.2015) in hell tests boys and girls here is the f…g working way:”

lol appreciate your hard work

Where can add?

should be at the top of your content browser (where all your content is & you add folders etc - should be a tab) then add new then add … ‘content’
(not looking at it at the moment but this should put you close)

This guide works much better then the other guides out there for this topic!