Steering car , Like a game; (Traffic Racer) I need.

Like a game; (Traffic Racer) I need.

Direction car is only forward.


hi, try this series

the movement set up in this series or something similar might work for your game and there are also some great ideas in this series but be sure to look through the whole series to see what I mean.

Which part?
1 - Intro & Player Control
2 - Spawning the Course
3 - Creating Obstacles
4 - Adding Pickup Items
5 - Varying the Course
6 - Turning Corners
7 - Wrap Up

Those series are great but you will not find how to do the steering in those.

I would play around with world/local offsets. Or if you use physics, you can add force to your car I guess

You can explain. With photos

My English is not good.:frowning:

That series would do the trick pretty easily. Just take the method he is using for the Third person character movement and change the player model to be the truck and you are done. Very simple.