SteelTail - WIP Prototype

Hi friends!

My partner and I wanted to show the prototype we’ve been working on for the last few weeks.

What kind of game is it?
Well, its a prototype for a puzzle platformer. We have many other mechanics we want to add but we thought we’d get some feedback before we proceeded.

What’s the story? What’s the setting? What is SteelTail!?
Oh we have many plans and ideas for those questions, but the core gameplay needs to be good before we go ham on the rest.
However in the weeks and months that follow as we post updates on progress and such more of the flavour, story and world will be revealed.

Gameplay Videos:

In Part 1:

Camera Tilt Mechanic - A very simple feature which changes the movement style of the player from 3D movement to 2D movement (Side scroller style)

Level Streaming - All our levels are broken up into small sections we call chunks, making them much easier to create and work with in game.

Coin Collecting - We’ve always wanted to make a game where you could collect things. Right now the coins don’t do much but we do have plans for them in the future.

Saving - We have a functioning checkpoint saving system, very handy for when you miss those pesky platforming jumps!

In Part 2:

Puzzles - A very simple puzzle was created here to show how elements in a level can be changed by completing a task.

Storing Puzzle Completion - If a puzzle is completed, that information is stored and saved so that level elements will remember these changes.

In Part 3:

Platforming Example - Here a level was created to show how the Camera Tilt Mechanic could be used to create a platforming stage.

Full Level Example - Here a level was created to show what a stage could look like with assets. (You may recognise them ;))

In Part 4:

Full Level Example Continued - More of the Level

Download Link:
Like what you saw? Well why not give it a go!

We’re happy to answer questions about how we implemented different features or about SteelTail in general if anyone is curious. :slight_smile:

We hope you like what we’ve done so far.
We’d love to hear what you have to say, so tell us what you think about SteelTail, what you think of the mechanics and what you think we could do to improve it!

Thanks and enjoy your day!

Very neat examples and some good progress.
And I’m not even a fan of platformers :slight_smile:

Really good progress. I really like your examples too.

Ah, well thank you very much!

Really liking the camera interpolation between the two camera movements, looks nice!

NPC Test

There are a number of things that have been tweaked and adjusted and a few new features added but one of the things we really wanted to add to SteelTail were NPCs.
These NPCs can be found in the world, spoken to and they can influence parts of the game.
Hopefully they will be a rather exciting addition! :smiley:

Here is an example of such a NPC that I cobbled together.
Its a talking rock that used to be a wizard until a transfiguration spell went horrible wrong!

Now with that covered, there are one or two more things that need to be added but we are almost at a point where we can start developing the full project.

Looking very nice

WIP Updated Camera System + More

Real quick vid. I got a bit too excited with some of the new stuff we’ve been working on and now there’s a video. :confused:
We’ll do a proper vid some time cause there’s a lot of new stuff we’d like to show.
Anyhow enjoy!