Steelfish Studios 2.0 - Snakers

Me and a couple of guys are working on a game next to work etc, its slowgoing but we(I) have gotten most of the main blueprinting done for now before we start on gameplay.

Here is a little video about the menu I’ve made in UMG and bp. Plus a little run down the first part of the level.

great start , keep it up

Are you thinking about putting this game for what platform? ios, android or pc?

Probably PC, just due to not having any funding, and really this is more of a pet project that might turn into a thing later.

So the main idea is you’ve been transformed into a snake and need to go get something and get trough a bunch of levels, all with mobs, bosses, golden apples, normal apples, traps of all sorts. This plus also needing to do platforming all over the place. And you are being timed, all of this will end up as an scoreboard for replayability’s sake. In this prototype we are only aiming to make one of 3 levels, but mostly get everything else pretty much finished. The style is going to be rather cartoony and blocky, but also pretty realistic.

We are going to look into having a global scoreboard as well.

Here is an image of the main character so far.

And here is the first level layout:

The snake looks great -look forward to see it implemented in the game.