Steamworks/OnlineSubsystemSteam header file path(s) + why does Steam reports 0 players on a server?

I want to play with some of the Steam functionality. However, what I’m finding is that none of it is accessible largely due to not being able to include any of the header files. I’ve tried all sorts of paths, but the compiler refuses all of them. How do I get access to the Steamworks plugin in c++?

Also, what started this effort was an attempt to find out why Steam always reports 0 players on a server even when there are players connected. Is there a fix for this?

You’re able to retrieve server name, host etc. but not the number of players connected right?

Are you linking your module to the “Steamworks” one? (not OnlineSubsystemSteam)

It shows 0 players because Steam (Steam itself, not OSS) does not allow you to manually set the player count. Once a GameServer (Steam terminology) is registered, it expects new players to be authenticated and once authenticated, until the server ends the authentication session, it will show +1 in the player count. For listen servers, I don’t know how OSS reports the player count (or if it even does).