Steamworks Matchmaking and UE4 Online Subsystem (Matchmaking not supported?)

So after being Greenlit we started working on Matchmaking for our game using the Steamworks API and the Unreal Engine Online Subsystem. There isn’t much documentation available for it and we have now run into some issues that haven’t really been documented well and searching for answers yielded no results.

So we tried implementing the it through the Online Subsystem and it simply didn’t work, so we took a look at the Source in GitHub. We found the OnlineSessionInterfaceSteam.cpp and all we could find for Steamworks Matchmaking was that the function StartMatchmaking only has a log call “Matchmaking is not supported on this platform.” and it always returns false. So is the Steam Matchmaking simply not supported at this point (contradicting the Online Subsystem Steam Interface in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.2 Documentation Steam documentation) or is worked on or did we just do it properly?

We also found that some aspects of the Leaderboard system is lacking as well; in the file OnlineLeaderboardInterfaceSteam.cpp function WriteOnlinePlayerRatings does nothing.

So have we just misunderstood something or are these aspects something that are not supported (will there be support?)?

Bumping this. There is almost no documentation so we really have no clue on what is the problem if it’s supported and if it’s not an answer on the future of Steamworks support from Epic would be greatly appreciated.

Bumpity bump. Answers ticket can be found here if someone else is facing the same issues and wants to upvote: Steamworks Matchmaking with UE4 OnlineSubsystem not supported? - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hi Pikkukatit,

I spoke with one of our engineers about this, and he will reply to the AnswerHub post as soon as he is able.

>Steamworks Matchmaking with UE4 OnlineSubsystem not supported? - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums


Thank you, Stephen, we got it working now and matchmaking is live :slight_smile:

I’ll quote his answer here in case someone stumbles here, but you can lock the thread if you want to: