SteamWorks integration

Hi Epic,

We are wondering if it’s being planned to have SteamWorks integrated in UE4 like UE3 and UDK?
We can’t find it listed on the roadmap and currently have had a tough time adding the SDK but seems like we’ve figured it out though.
Some (more) documentation on manually adding the SteamWorks SDK to UE4 would be awesome too if possible.

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Stelios Media

UE4 has a SteamWorks integration, but we can’t distribute the SteamWorks DLLs with UE4 due to licensing restrictions. If you have access to the SDK, check out the instructions here Online Subsystem Steam | Unreal Engine Documentation

Michael Noland

I follow instructions within that guide, but no matter what I do my build will not display Steam overlay. (my game already show up in my Steam library, but can’t get this to work on the UE4 build).
When I build a shipping package to my desktop I see in the ThirdParty folder of the packaged build there is no Steamworks folder copied to the built game folder. Only Phyx, Ogg and Vorbis folders are copied. Steamworks folder should be copied to there, right?!

I’ve copied the right files to the right folders (checked trillions of times already), edited the DefaultEngine.ini file;
My UE4Game.Target.cs has a statement to include DynamicallyLoadedModuleNames.Add(“OnlineSubsystemSteam”);
My UE4Game.Build.cs has DynamicallyLoadedModuleNames.Add(“OnlineSubsystemSteam”);

Still I get this in the build log:

Note: I’m using Steamworks 129 and UE 4.2; I know I’m missing something here, just don’t know what exactly…

Edit: I’ve downgraded to v128 and the error persists. I’ve rebuilt the Editor with both v129 and now v128 definitions in .h files, error on both. Checked the Steamworks.Build.cs. Still can’t find DLLs that are in place…
Anyone using UE 4.2.0 managed to make this thing work?

Please, someone help: Steamworks - Failing to Find DLLs - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

I am still trying to make it work.
I’ve downloaded a new copy of the engine and rebuilt it, re-installed the v129 sdk folder, copied the correct binary files to the Win32 and Win64 folders.
I’ve added to my Target.cs file bUsesSteam = true;
I have in my .ini file:

But always, always always… When I open the Editor, Log gives me this:

For f**sake… This is making me sad.

For the record - this got solved on AnswerHub (Steamworks - Failing to Find DLLs - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums) by Josh Markiewicz.