Steamworks Developers kicked from Steam Group?

Hey guys,

I just noticed that some guys, including me, were kicked out of the Steamworks Developer Group. The reason seems to be not having a finished Greenlit game at Steam.

So the group, which was meant helping with Steamworks, now is only for already finished games…

Was someone else kicked from there? I get the feeling that developing with the Steam API becomes more and more annoying. Now i can’t even ask for help anymore…

Would be nice if UE4 developers would get some more help with all the Steam things, since Steam is nearly a ‘must have’ nowadays and Valve just decided to lay down a big rock in our way.


I was kicked out as well.
It’s because users were joining that don’t even develop games, and were leaking seasonal sale announcements.
It sucks that a few people ruined it for all of us.

Yes, that’s what i read too by now. I hope that the UE4 Community is still able to help with Steam problems ):

We can always forward messages to the group, those who have access can help out ^^

Yeah, I have no access to the group - and I have a few questions :frowning: