Steamworks C++ Dedicated Server Integration

I’m almost finishing the integration of both my client and server to Steamworks, but now I’m having a giant struggle to establish a link between the player and the server.

You can see on the screenshot two things:

  1. Players which are not your friend gets a PersonameName (Nick) of [unknown], as expected when Steam doesn’t think you’re in the same server as the player you want to know the name of, as per documentation:

" This will only be known to the current user if the other user is in their friends list, on the same game server, in a chat room or lobby, or in a small Steam group with the local user. "

  1. The player list of the server says “No Steam users reported by game server.” !!!

I have read the documentation left and right implemented everything like a textbook but I still can’t figure this out.

If anyone can help me, you’d be saving a life.

PS: I did manage to get the server to report some kind of data in the server browser

It does show some players with arbitrary naming and scores but this is somewhat irrelevant and it’s using a deprecated API call ( ISteamGameServer Interface (Steamworks Documentation) )


Hi Gabriel, did you ever find a solution to this? I have the exact same problem with my game’s dedicated servers. Cannot see the players in server info and player count is always 0.

I too have noticed the PersonaName is unknown.

The call to BUpdateUserData always fails here:

bool bRet = SteamGameServerPtr->BUpdateUserData(SteamId, TCHAR_TO_UTF8(*PlayerState->GetPlayerName()), PlayerState->GetScore());

Server Log (I X’d out the IP):

[2020.09.22-03.32.29:246][510]LogOnline: Verbose: STEAM: - Id: UNKNOWN [0x1BFC7C066A0], Number of Channels: 1, IdleTime: 0.001
[2020.09.22-03.32.29:248][510]LogOnline: Verbose: STEAM: - Detailed P2P session info:
[2020.09.22-03.32.29:249][510]LogOnline: Verbose: STEAM: -- IPAddress: XX.XX.XX.XX:57821
[2020.09.22-03.32.29:249][510]LogOnline: Verbose: STEAM: -- ConnectionActive: 1, Connecting: 0, SessionError: 0, UsingRelay: 0
[2020.09.22-03.32.29:250][510]LogOnline: Verbose: STEAM: -- QueuedBytes: 0, QueuedPackets: 0

I am running unreal engine 4.25.3. I have tried all the latest Steam SDKS (1.46,1.47,1.49 and 1.50). All fail the same way.