Steamworks: About PAK Compression

Hi everyone! I’ll soon be launching a game on Steam but I have a question about packaging the game for shipping.

In the Steamworks Documentation it says there "Do not compress or encrypt your game data. This is already done for in-flight downloads and retail disks by the Steam content system. If you do it too, you will reduce the effectiveness of delta patching."
This is mainly about patching/updating a Steam game wherein I wouldn’t want an entire PAK to be re-downloaded by my users.

Does this mean that I should not use “Create compressed cooked packages” option when packaging my game if I want to make use of the efficient patching system Steam has? Or will Steam be able to uncompress the UE4 pak file and then compress it again after the game patch?

As the docs say, DONT use it.
Steamworks does its stuff by dividing your whole game into small data chunks, then comparing those to the ones that are already in steam servers, and then it compresses everything and uploads the chunks that changed.
With small blueprints or c++ dll changes in both of my games, the update sizes are normally from 50 mb to 100 mb, while the games themselves are 2 gb in size. Also, while one of the games is 1 gb in size, the steam download its 250 megabytes becouse it compresses it.

I see. Thanks! One more question, if you don’t mind. So basically the compression is still done on my side of Steam? Meaning the final upload is still a compressed file? I’m concerned because my country has slow internet and uploading compressed files would really help.

Yeah,when you use the steam uploader, it already does it compressed. dont worry, everything is automatic.

It also gets explained on the steam partner site , tutorials/docs section and videos :slight_smile:

Bump, because I found this to be useful.

Hey, I’m in the same boat, and just in the process of publishing our game on steam and I had a question related to this, so hope you guys don’t mind me asking here instead of starting a new thread.

I found that when you are not using pak compression, unreal has a folder which has the .asset and even a .uproject file in the packaged folder. Is this okay? Can .assets from this location be opened in unreal editor by someone who downloaded my game? Can .uproject be opened as well?

Thanks in advance