SteamVR Setup slightly out of date

Engine Version: 4.11.0
Description: Out of date documentation

The page Setting up UE4 to work with SteamVR - has some out of date information based on 4.9.

Note that I’m setting it up with the Vive Pre. A lot of things seemed to be working by default, so I wasn’t sure if any of these steps were obsolete or just for other VR systems

Step 2 - With the Vive, tracking seems to be working by default (instead of only being able to rotate left and right)
Step 5 - There is no longer a Follow HMD Orientation checkbox
Step 10 - There is no longer a Set Tracking Space Event (Not sure if Set Tracking Origin is the same event)
Step 12 - not limited to only rotating and nodding

Hey Wertle,

Thanks for the feedback on the Vive docs. Sorry that it was causing you some problems initially but I am really glad to hear the you got it working in the end. I have looked at the steps you pointed out and will make sure to make the appropite changes. If you find anything else please let us know.


Sam Deiter