SteamVR not allowed?

So I understand that Robo Recall is an Oculus funded game and perhaps it’s common sense that they don’t want this mod kit running on their competitors headset, but I’m just wondering if Epic has put preventive measures in place to block running this with the SteamVR plugin? Is it Epic’s official stance that this project can’t be used with non-oculus hardware?

I’m currently working on a VR project with the HTC Vive and plan to use UE4 forward rendering. I figured the absolute best way to learn about the new forward renderer would be to examine how it was used in Robo Recall. Is that not going to be possible while using a Vive headset?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

It works well with Revive if you just want to check it out. Not that there is any technical reason for them to have removed the Vive support.

I think this may be what I have to do, and it’s nice to have this option at the very least.

I spent a couple of hours trying to enable the SteamVR plugin last night, but whenever it’s enabled it just causes the project to fail to launch. It also appears to have been taken off the list of plugin options that are available by default.

I certainly understand if financial reasons are binding this mod community to only be oculus owners…but that certainly locks out a significant portion of what is probably already a small group of potential modders.

I also hit that same wall last night, kind of a bummer. For now, any testing I want to do I need to package, install, then run the full game through revive, so it’s kind of a pain.

I’ll probably take another stab at it this weekend, see what I can come up with.

Hey guys, really nice to read and see that some of you out there are trying to help find a path for us Vive owners to get a chance play around with the RR modders kit.

Hope you find a way soon lol

I got it to work, here’s my code repository and the instructions: GitHub - LibreVR/RoboRevive: A Robo Recall mod that adds native Vive support

However I haven’t done anything yet to customize the game for the Vive controllers, any help from other modders is highly appreciated.

I am unable to build the Steam VR plugin source automatically / manually. I think that may be the issue.
Any good programmers in the house that can direct?

dude @Armada651 I followed your instructions and played the game for hours and it works great! I also quickly noticed that the game doesnt drop frames any longer which is the greatest bonus ever lol!

I was wondering why this is, and if you knew that once you’d got it working that the game would run better?

Great work sir and thank you

Thank you for your work on this! This worked great for me!

What’s everyone’s spec? Anyone on 16G ddr3 and 1080 run into out of memory issue??
If I VR preview from Editor, build lighting for first map, and then using mod menu to run 1-1, I got kicked out of program because running out of memory.
Sometimes it says running out of video memory, but I have GPU-Z on and it’s like a bit over half only.

I have a 1070 and 32gb of DDR3. It doesn’t run very well, it’s pretty laggy, but I’m just happy to be able to see what’s going on in my headset. I haven’t had it crash, but it was hardly playable for me due to lag on the motion controllers.

I think I’ll need to purchase the actual game build to get the true experience. Regardless, I’m happy to have the opportunity to learn from the project files.

By using RoboRevive I’m able to run the shipping build exe with Revive plugin enabled. Pretty smooth as well.
Yeah, I bought another 16G ram just so I won’t get kicked out of UE4Editor when opening up levels.

EDIT:Yep, 32G seems to do the trick, Robo scene are pretty heavy from the get go, lol.

I’m still unable to get this working, it just freezes for me with a pop up box with an ok button, and then crashes. Does anyone have an exact step by step method of using the vive for robo recall? I would add the oculus to my computer but I am afraid of causing a conflict.


What kind of error are you getting? Are you running regular Revive, or RoboRevive? There is a difference.

I recently reinstalled robo recall modkit from scratch (yesterday) and noticed no problems whatsoever.

Note: I don’t own/use the retail version of robo recall

Here are my specs:

  • 16gb ddr3 (2000mhz or something really low)
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Geforce 670 (super low spec, I know)
  • i7 3770 (stock everything)
  1. Installed the modkit (after uninstalling it)
  2. Tried to PIE (play in editor) and saw the VR preview option was greyed out (I forgot to install Revive)
  3. Shut down the project, closed the editor, and followed the installation instructions here
  4. Was able to PIE

You’re probably running the retail version, yeah?

If you’re running retail and having issues with it even after following those steps, I’d recommend posting it hereto see if the RoboRevive dev could help you.

Hey thank you so much for all this great info. I wish I saw it earlier. I simply replaced my vive with an oculus rift, and everything works perfect now. I liked the htc better but hey this works and I’m having no problems so far. I will, however, save the information you posted in case I decide to change back in the future. Thank you for the knowledge and thank you for putting the effort of putting it here for me. Again thank you and I hope all can benefit from it.