SteamSockets: Cannot connect to dedicated - Connection Pending Failure

I have dedicated server on linux and windows client (both using SteamSockets).

I get list of servers through FindSessionAdvanced, but after JoinSession (‘OnSuccess’ and a few seconds) I get “Connection Pending Failure” on client.
Nothing happens on server side:

[2020.05.08-23.11.40:536][219]LogSteamSocketsAPI: Verbose: SteamSockets API: Log RelayNetWorkStatus: avail=OK config=OK anyrelay=OK (OK)

On client side:

[2020.05.10-13.48.33:558][623]LogOnlineSession: STEAM: Using P2P Data for Connection Serialization
[2020.05.10-13.48.33:558][623]LogOnlineSession: OSS: Join session: traveling to steam.90135166427113479:7777
[2020.05.10-13.48.33:559][623]LogNet: Browse: steam.90135166427113479//Game/Maps/Menu
[2020.05.10-13.48.33:559][623]PacketHandlerLog: Loaded PacketHandler component: OnlineSubsystemSteam.SteamAuthComponentModuleInterface ()
[2020.05.10-13.48.33:559][623]PacketHandlerLog: Loaded PacketHandler component: Engine.EngineHandlerComponentFactory (StatelessConnectHandlerComponent)
[2020.05.10-13.48.33:560][623]LogSockets: SteamSockets: Now tracking socket 2715321682 for addr 90135166427113479:7777, has parent? 0
[2020.05.10-13.48.33:560][623]LogNet: Game client on port 7777, rate 10000
[2020.05.10-13.48.43:581][707]LogNet: Error: UEngine::BroadcastNetworkFailure: FailureType = PendingConnectionFailure, ErrorString = Your connection to the host has been lost., Driver = PendingNetDriver SteamSocketsNetDriver_2147482361
[2020.05.10-13.48.43:584][707]LogNet: Warning: Network Failure: PendingNetDriver[PendingConnectionFailure]: Your connection to the host has been lost.
[2020.05.10-13.48.43:585][707]LogNet: NetworkFailure: PendingConnectionFailure, Error: 'Your connection to the host has been lost.'

Hi, did you ever figure this out?

Hi, nope. I switched back to OnlineSubsystemSteam, there is no this problem.
Do you have the same problem?

Yep, seems like the only way to get Ping to display correctly on the server browser. Everything else works fine, the players just can’t connect to the dedicated server now, but they can see it, and it did connect via SteamSockets and is running.

did you solved it ?