Hello everyone, my name is Esperanza although you can also call me by my nickname “TheBlackLady33” I wanted to share the map that I am making
In my final project of the Master in Videogame Art of the UA School

My scene consists of a city set in Paris in the years 1889 with its typical buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, and its
Typical cafes also based on the video games Syberia 4 and The Order 1889.

As you can see, I’m still in the lockdown phase, so here are the images for you to get into.
in my world.

Anyone who wants to comment or give feedback is welcome.

Until next week.

2022-04-10 08-52-04.mkv (10.0 MB)


Hi everyone, this week I’ve been working again, especially on the modular part of the buildings, which cost me a bit since I’ve never done it before, but it’s been fun, I hope to improve as I go along, especially in modular modeling, although I don’t It took time to texture all the buildings. I also wanted to give these a French touch. I also started modeling the asset hero of the scene, the weapon is a “Kris Thaler” design.

And without further ado, here are the images and I hope you like them.



Hello again this week I’ve been working mostly on the active hero of the scene, and on more modular pieces of the city like the cafeteria and the bar giving it a touch like the one in the game “The Order 1886” Also incorporating some materials with vertex paint the scene, the roof part, the brick wall or the concrete part also incorporating the sidewalk and some megacans assets

I hope you like it and until next week.

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This week I have been working on one of the important assets of the scene, a luxurious Mercedes Benz typ 770 built in 1930, also known to be used by high ranking Nazi Germans. I was also looking at the lighting of the scene.

My best wishes

and i hope you like it


Greetings @TheBlackLady33 !

Congratulations on reaching your final project for university! We’re so excited to welcome you to the Unreal Engine Community! :medal_sports:

Syberia and The Order are great references for the look you’re going for! The historic details and the steampunk atmosphere are hauntingly beautiful in these games! What draws you to steampunk? What do you love most about it?

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Regards Get_DOVAH_it

Thank you, I am also excited to present my project here.

The truth is that I am not very knowledgeable about the style itself, but its extravagant and fine aesthetic always caught my attention. And I think I am learning something more about Steampunk. Also the idea was mainly because I am very fond of graphic adventures, especially Syberia. And this game really has a really beautiful aesthetic and that caught my attention.

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These weeks I have been working on some assets of the scene and improving the sequences and the lighting.

My best wishes

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