SteamOnlineSubsystem Lag

Hello. I have problem with Steam Online Subsystem. I put online subsystem to my project everything works fine on code side(Create Session, Find Session, Join Session System).And then i built my project.And gave the built project to my friend.He created the host and then i joined him. we had able to succeed.(From different connections). But there were too much lag, ping was too high. there were also packet losses.So it was not playable.Why did this happen ? Is it normal ? Also project is too big and complex. I codded everything with blueprints didn’t use c++but I optimized replication things well and used nativizations. -My friend recieved 40 fps from game.And i recieved 80 FPS. My friend was the host. Is the problem maybe about FPS?(our upload speed is 2-3 mbit or also about the upload speed) And if i put this project’s source to Dedicated Server(im thinking to put and try with amazon virtual server machine) will it still be laggy ? The game is kinda Battle Royale game. So in a map, 20 players will connect. Soon im thinking to put the game to steam. And also have question about dedicated server. In this kinda game, Which type dedicated server should i purchase ?.Will it be too expensive ?.And should i purchase a dedicated server ? or steam provides dedicated server ? or maybe i can put this epic game’s store so epic games provides dedicated server ?

And one more, should i purchase more than one servers ? because there will be lots of games that will connect 20 players in a game. Like fortnite etc… Or with one server how can i separate it to more than one games with advanced session ?
Also im student and haven’t got too much money for this.First publish i can only spend 100 dollars / month will it be enough for the first publish months. If i can earn money than i will ofcourse improve the servers.

I really really need help about this… If anybody knows and helps me i will be really grateful.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: