SteamCore:: A Steam/Steamworks Plugin

What is the SteamCore Plugin?
The SteamCore Plugin is a Steam API Plugin that enables you to utilize Steamworks for your Unreal Engine 4 Games



Video Demonstration:


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SteamCore Update 1.1 is now live!
Changelog: SteamCore Update 1.1 - eelDev

Added a Video Demonstration of the Plugin:

Update 1.14 is now live!
Changelog: SteamCore 1.14 - eelDev

Update 1.15 has been submitted
Changelog: SteamCore 1.15 - eelDev

Update 1.16 has been submitted
Changelog: SteamCore 1.16 - eelDev

Update 1.16 is now live!
Changelog: SteamCore 1.16 - eelDev](SteamCore 1.16 - eelDev)

Due to popular demanad, a new document is available regarding filtering servers and lobbies by tags:
SteamCore and Tags - eelDev

Version 1.17 has been submitted, added support for UE 4.25
Changelog: SteamCore 1.17 - eelDev

Version 1.18 is now Live!
Changelog: SteamCore 1.18 - eelDev

Pinging Steam Lobbies and Servers
Read more:…s-and-servers/

Version 1.22 has been submitted!
You can find changelogs for the previous versions here:…ine/steamcore/

Version 1.28 is Live!
Changelogs available here:…ine/steamcore/

Update 1.3.3 is now available!

Version 1.3.7 is now available!

Version**** is now available, bringing **Mac **support to SteamCore::
SteamCore:: - eelDev

The plugin has been updated to version 1.4.3

The Plugin is now on a 20% sale!