Steamcmd blank screen when uploading to steam

I’ve cooked a mod and uploaded it to steam successfully, but then when trying to upload an updated version, the steamcmd window pops up but nothing happens (no text, just a blank black window. I can type in it so it isn’t frozen or anything). Spent half the day trying to figure it out (reading posts here and troubleshooting). I got it to run a second time by verifying the ADK files from the Epic Launcher. There has got to be something I’m missing.

you can start the cmd manualy outside the devkit, go to your devkit location, “D:\Epic Games\ARKDevKit\ModTools\SteamCMD” start the cmd exe, make sure you have saved all your files and close the devkit.

Now you can use this lines

 login Username Password

 workshop_build_item "D:\Epic Games\ARKDevKit\ModTools\ModConfigs\YourMod.vdf"

Now your mod should upload to steam

Sry for my bad English =)

np, thanks for the tip. I just came back to post my work around which was to save copy of the steamcmd folder in ADK right after verifying the files then replacing that folder after each mod upload. I’ll try your solution next time and stick with whatever is easiest.

The issue is known, hopefully it will be resolved in the next devkit update.

For now though, the blank screen isn’t actually stopping the upload. If you are using steamgaurdyou can just type the code into the blank screen and hit enter and it will accept it. Unfortunately if there are upload errors you can’t really see them right now :frowning: